Under the direction of Johnny Isbell,
Pasadena crime has gone down 24%

Isbell has implemented the following successful crime reduction programs:

New Swat Vehicle March 2011

New Swat Vehicle March 2011

  • The Gang Tast Force
  • The Resident Officer Program
  • Police Bicycle Program
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • Addition of a Police Shooting Range
  • Police Take Home Car Program
  • Neighborhood Network Program
  • Senior Citizen Mall Walking Program
  • Mayors Action Line
  • Monitoring Program for Registered Sex Offenders


Stats/Other Highlights for the Years:

  • 2012 – Approximately 30 lane miles of paving done, and nearly 41,000 linear feet of sidewalk improvements and 102,000 linear feet of new or improved water and sewage lines
  • 2011 – Approximately 66 miles of new/repaired sidewalk, 12 miles of water lines & drainage facilities, 3 miles of wastewater lines. Partnered with the county in over 41 lane miles of traffic flow improvements, as well as 56,000 linear feet of sidewalk and roadway work. $303 million in capital expansion and 820 new jobs.
  • Ike Cleanup

    Ike Cleanup

  • 2010 – Extensive drainage projects such as Vista Drainage join similar efforts in areas like Allendale, Parkside, Space Center and Southmore. Approx. 95 percent of permits returned within 48 hours and 99 percent of plat actions completed within 30 days (Planning Dept).;
  • 2009 – Installation of 36,000 linear feet of sewer lines and the redevelopment work done to more than 82,000 linear feet of aging sidewalks throughout the city in 2009. Cut tax rate six times (over the years)
  • 2008 – Hurricane Ike cleanup done in record time; sales tax revenue up; property tax rate down; crime rate averaged less than half of that of Houston

Some of his other recent accomplishments include –